Ex on-ramp now an urban Farm
Plant, grow ní eat beets - free

Down the block a chacuterie

Chill out at the Zen Center
Ponder Art on Patricaís Green

Blue bottle rocks the alley
Mietteís candy pinkly sweet.

There even a lovely tea house
Where the scones Just canít be beat.

A deli for a sandwich
Chicago Kosher Brazilian?
(Fridayís brisket is the best)

Breakfast joints,
Mercury Cafe chili
Plus a Hall for symphony.

Foodie restaurants
for that big night out
when frites and beer wonít do

Dressing up is real easy
Dressing down is quite fun too
Frames Furnishings & Fabrications
Each Unique and very chic

Youíll find shoes
And shirts and local rags
You can even design
Your own computer bag

Hayes Valley Merchants
Sell the local brands
Keeping carbon foot print low

The on ramps now a garden
With a free solar charger
donít you know.

Yoga for the spirit.
And Opera for the soul.

Ballet for your heart,
Thereís no reason
to grow old.

457 Oak Street #1
Love life here.